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Scheme Details
Scheme Name : Scheme for Welfare of Working Children in Need of Care and Protection
  Ministry / Department/Organisation  : Ministry of Women & Child Development
  Goverment  : Central
Sponsored By
  Sponsored By : Central Goverment
  Funding Pattren : Centre:NGO 90:10
  Description : COMPOSITE CENTRE FOR PARENTAL COUNSELLING, CHILD GUIDANCE, BRIDGE EDUCATION, VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND ADVOCACY/AWARENESS GENERATION (FOR 100 CHILDREN) 1. Recurring Honorarium/Assistance Rs./Month Honorarium/Assistance Rs./Year (A) Assistance towards Recurring Expenditure 1. Medicines @ Rs. 50 per child per month Rs. 5,000 Rs. 60,000 2. Nutrition (1 meal per day @ Rs. 100 child/month Rs. 10,000 Rs. 1,20,000 3. Stipend for trainees @ Rs. 100/tranee/month Rs. 10,000 Rs. 1,20,000 4. Assistance for; (a) Vocational training Material @ Rs. 100/trainee/month Rs. 10,000 Rs. 1,20,000 (b) Material for bridge education @ Rs. 50/child/month Rs. 5,000 Rs. 60,000 5. Contingencies (Electricity, Water Charges, Stationery, etc.) Rs. 2,500 Rs. 30,000 6. Rental (as per actual subject to the following ceiling A Class Cities B Class Cities C Class Cities Rs. Rs. Rs. 5,000 3,500 2,500 Rs. Rs. Rs. 60,000 42,000 30,000 Total (A) A Class Cities B Class Cities C Class Cities Rs. Rs. Rs. 47,500 46,000 45,000 Rs. Rs. Rs. 5,70,000 5,52,000 5,40,000 (B). Assistance for Full-time Service Providers Qualification/Experience 1. Psychologist/Counsellor (2 @ Rs. 4200 P.M) (1 for every 50 children and their families) Graduate in Psychology/Social Work. (E) MA in Psychology/Social Work (D) Rs. 8,400 Rs. 1,00, 800 2. Vocational Instructors (2 @ Rs. 4000 P.M) (1 for every 50 children) Diploma/Certificate in relevant trade. (E) 3 years experience in the relevant trade (D) Rs. 8,000 Rs. 96,000 3. Helpers (2 @ Rs. 2800 P.M.) (1 for every 50 children) 5 years practical experience in the relevant trade (E) 8th Standard (D) Rs. 5,600 Rs. 67,200 4. Bridge Educators (4 @ Rs,. 2800 P.M.) (1 for every 25 children) Intermediate or Equivalent (E) Graduate (D) Rs. 11,200 Rs. 1,34,400 5. Social Worker (1 @ Rs. 3500 P.M.) BSW/Sociology (E) 2 years experience of social work (D) Rs. 3,500 Rs. 42,000 6. Outreach Worker/Peer Educators (1 @ Rs. 2200 P.M.) Matriculate or Equivalent (E) 1 year practical experience (D) Rs. 2,200 Rs. 26,400 7. Medical Officer (part time) (1 2 Rs. 2500 P.M.) (To visit twice a week) MBBS (E) 1 year experience (D) Rs. 2,500 Rs. 30,000 Total (B) Rs. 41,400 Rs. 4,06,800 Total Posts: 13 TOTAL RECURRING (A+B) (A Class) (B Class) (C Class) Rs. Rs. Rs. 88,900 87,400 86,4 00 Rs. Rs. Rs. 10,66,800 10,48,800 10,36,800 II Non-Recurring (i) Equipment for Vocational training Rs. 1,00,000 (ii) Material for Bridge Education Rs 25,000 (iii) Recreation/sports equipments (Rs. 100 per child, once in three years) Rs. 10,000 (iv) Furniture for staff and beneficiaries Rs. 50,000 Total Non-recurring (II) Rs. 1,85,000 E Stands for Essential qualifications/experience D Stands for Desirable qualifications/experience Note (1) Assistance will be based on actual services being provided by a Centre. Note (2) Assistance for each item of expenditure shall be restricted to actuals or the above-mentioned ceilings, whichever is less. Note (3) All assistance to Service Providers will be on the basis of full-time work, which means six hours. Note (4) NGOs implementing the scheme are required to use the curriculum of Deptt. of Elementary Education and Literacy for Bridge Education. Note (5) Allocation for this schemes for the 12th five year plan is 10 Crores and allocation for financial year 2013-14 is 10 Crores
  Beneficiaries : Children,
  Benefits : Training,
How to avail
  Eligibility Criteria : Non-Governmental Organisations meeting the following requirements are eligible for assistance under this programme: [a] It is a registered body under an appropriate Act for at least two years so that it gets a corporate status and a legal personality and a group liability is for its activities. [b] It has an appropriate administrative structure and a duly constituted managing/executive committee. [c] The aims and objects of the organisation’s Memorandum of Association should include the basic objective of this scheme, viz., the welfare of child; and [d] The organization is initiated and governed by its own members on democratic principles, without any external control. [e] The organization shall not run for profit to any individual or a body of individuals and shall take an undertaking to submit periodically and punctually reports and returns as prescribed from time to time by the Government [Ministry of Women and Child Development].
  How to avail : Organisation should apply through state govt.
Nodal Officer Contact Details
  Name : V.K.Gupta
  Address : 3rd Floor, Jeevan Vihar Building Parliament Street, New Delhi - 110001
  Contact No. : 011-23362945
  Email : sa[dot]wcd[at]nic[dot]in
Validity of the Scheme
  Introduced On : 30-04-2008
  Valid Upto : 31-03-2015
Application Invatation Time Frame
  From Date : 01-04-2013
  To Date : 31-03-2014
Scheme Details
  Reference Url :
  Keywords : Scheme for Welfare of Working Children
Attachement Reqired during submission of application for this scheme
  Title of Document 1 : Scheme Detail
  File Format 1  *mandatory : workchild-format.pdf
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